TSA alumnus gives back by inspiring students


The Technology Student Association (TSA) engages middle and high school students nationwide in STEM subjects through leadership opportunities and competitive events. Career and Technology Education Instructor Amanda Allen knows exactly what those opportunities can mean to students.

“When I was in the sixth grade, I got involved with the Technology Student Association, and it taught me so many wonderful things. I grew up wanting to become an environmental engineer, and then an industrial engineer, and then finally I studied digital media in college and loved it.”

Eventually though, Allen, Pitsco Education’s February 2017 Teacher of the Month, decided she wanted to share her excitement for discovering new skills with a new generation of children. “I loved TSA for inspiring me to try all these areas of technology,” she said. “After graduating college, I decided I wanted to inspire students to become all those things and to help [them] have an exciting introduction to technology like I did.”

Allen now teaches career and technology courses to seventh and eighth graders at Southwest Middle School in Palm Bay, Florida. “I love giving students ‘impossible problems’, and seeing students figure out solutions with very little guidance,” she said. “I have a lot of students who come into my class thinking it’s going to be boring, and I love when they get so wrapped into a project they don’t want to leave.”

As a new teacher building a brand-new TSA chapter at Southwest, Allen has her work cut out for her, but she remains undaunted. “As a first-year teacher, so far I am so proud to have helped my students build so many successful dragsters and planes. In addition, I have a group of students almost ready to participate at the Florida Technology Student Association State Conference!”

Amanda Allen, thank you for sharing your enthusiasm and giving students concrete, real-world experiences through TSA. Congratulations on being named Pitsco’s February 2017 Teacher of the Month.

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Patty Cooke

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